Niche Modular is helping to solve New Zealand’s greatest property challenges with proven end-to-end modular solutions constructed and installed in as little as 27 days.

Operating across both the private and public sectors, Niche Modular produce turn-key solutions for a range of  residential, education and commercial customers.

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Homebox is now available!
Homebox is our high quality turn-key and customisable home solution delivered in as little as 12 weeks.

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Seamless end-to-end process

With manufacturing and construction combined in an innovative custom made facility, Niche Modular delivers affordable, healthy and sustainably made dwellings at speed and scale.


Modular is construction with no interruption

Substantially faster than traditional building methods. Over 90% of the construction is completed inside a factory in parallel with site works, mitigating weather delays and ensuring materials are kept clean and dry.


Controlled environments improve quality of work

All materials are stored in our controlled facility; this ensures that their high quality is retained, as they are not subject to moisture or weather damage during the construction process. Throughout the manufacturing process several quality control measures take place within the facility, this ensures that every module is up to a pre-defined quality standard. As each module needs to be transported, and therefore built to withstand travel and site installation, the structural strength of modular builds is greater than that of traditional builds.


Modular systems bring unrivalled simplicity and ease

Niche modular systems simply the entire design, construction and installation process. Niche’s strong consenting relationships, experience and processes ensure ease of all processes from start to finish.


Up to 90% less waste than traditional building methods

Highly controlled waste management, recycling and noise. 100% recyclable steel + our tailored recycling system. Recyclable/repurposing of buildings up to 50 years, Minimal environmental impact of material treatments compared to traditional construction.


Improved site safety

Niche Modular processes and construction environment substantially reduces the rate of site incidents compared to traditional construction sites.



The Niche group of businesses covers end-to-end delivery, providing quality and deadline assurance at every project stage.



Refined processes from delivering over 180 buildings, comprising 542 modules.

27 day


Delivery on average in 27 days and as little as three weeks.



Covered manufacturing facilties customised for high efficiency full modular construction in any weather.



We are a growing local business, employing 72 staff across three divisions.

20+ years


Niche brings you the confidence that comes with over 20 years experience in modular construction.

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