Core Niche services


We help our clients achieve their modular building goals by working closely with architects, designers, and other key stakeholders to develop designs that are appropriate to off-site manufacturing while responding to the site environment and end-user needs. We can create concepts from early stages of inception and encourage our clients to reach out early in the design process for optimum modular design.

Modular consultancy

Niche Modular can consult and guide government entities and the private sector. With a number of off-site manufacturing technologies available to New Zealand, we can assist with the selection process and peer review modular work from local and overseas manufacturers.The Niche Modular team has experience in the international market with award-winning projects in the Asia Pacific region, as well as ample experience in delivering complex projects to remote locations.

Project management

Our Operations team will ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. After a seamless handover from the Design Management team, Operations make the project a reality on the production line. From this point, our dedicated team of project managers will oversee all aspects of production and coordination with site works to ensure modules land on site safely and on time. Operations will also run all aspects of complexing on site and will take the project to “turn key”, handing over to clients our buildings with full code compliance certificates.

Other services

Planning & Compliance

Our In-house Design Management Team will be engaged to manage the Resource Consent process as well as Building Consent. We can represent the client’s interests while guiding and assisting through the complexities of local government processes. Niche Modular has developed split consent strategies that can successfully obtain consents from multiple councils for your project. The design team is able to run or take a leading role in PCG meetings, as well as involved coordination of all professional consultants required for a successful compliance process.

3d scanning & Point Cloud

As part of our tech platform and our dedication to bring innovation to New Zealand, we are offering laser scanning. Using the latest Trimble and Faro 3D scanners and software products, we can collect millions of survey points, capturing vital information and dimensioning required for projects. A complete and comprehensive site survey is accomplished at one time, with no need for a site revisit. This makes retrofitting of existing structures as easy as building new ones and helps eliminate costly site layout issues. Our 3D scanning covers:

  • Up to 2 millimetre (mm) accuracy on the 3D photo scanning of existing structures
  • The capture of site markings and points of interest
  • Taking measurements from the captured scan model.

All this can then be accessed thru the point cloud platform using various tools like VR. A myriad of other data can also be extracted from the scan.

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